Bringing Innovations of Tomorrow, Today.

Knowledge brings opportunities, and real knowledge isn’t something you can google.

Innovation Exchange (IX) is an informative and knowledge-sharing platform that brings together go-getters, enablers, thinkers, barrier breakers, and disruptors to facilitate an exchange of multi-disciplinary and cross-functional technologies such as artificial intelligence, latest tech trends, and pioneering technologies.

IX aims to help businesses better understand innovation and skyrocket their journey to intelligent empowerment.

It started as a blog!

What started as a blog soon evolved into popular live events known as AI Tech North, with tech-enthusiasts and speakers from across the globe coming together annually. Even during the pandemic, IX has worked to keep the successful streak of the summits going by streaming them on its very own online platform, making IX one of the leading AI and advanced technology shows out there.

IX Today

Today, IX collaborates with leading industry experts to provide its viewers with electrifying and thought-provoking digital content through a series of captivating digital panel discussions from a dedicated studio in Manchester’s Media City, UK. All to bring you Innovations of Tomorrow, today.